I'm Anna - a professional with a powerful desire to get to know people - what makes them tick, what helps them thrive.

I decided to do some extra study following some life experiences that meant I needed to do things differently.

I discovered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy following a shoulder injury and knew that I was meant to share this with the world.  This is profound and gentle, non manipulative body work technique that gave me great relief.

When I was stuck working in a role that I didn't enjoy I felt very stuck.  My then manager suggested a coaching session.  As a result, here I am - loving what I do with energy to burn.  I know that without that coaching session, I would be looking at things the same way and not enjoying my life to the full.

I've been beaten down, depressed, anxious and on medication.   But I wanted to ROAR again.  

ROAR FIERCE was born out this desire.  A desire to help you find energy, wellness and strength through Craniosacral Therapy and Coaching.