The Active Ingredients

To create change you need to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT to what you are currently doing. 

And the Ingredients we have chosen to get you to where you want to be certainly mean you will be taking action. Find out more about each ingredient below. And if you want to ask any questions - get in touch!

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We offer two kinds of coaching:

12 Month Programme & One Off Sessions.

The 12 Month Programme is a psychologist designed programme incorporating coaching and 'lessons' designed to change your mindset to get you to where you want to be. 

One Off Sessions are designed for you if you don't want to commit for 12 months or don't want a programme but still want change. This type of coaching will challenge you to change your life your way and overcome those built-in barriers to success along the way.

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Craniosacral Therapy is gentle touch mind-body recalibration because your feelings matter.

1) I work with your Autonomic Nervous System using gentle touch

FACT: Studies show that touch changes the physiology of the body.

2) The type of touch is very safe. Safety is KEY to the work. If touch is safe, your body is able to express its health and areas that are not functioning optimally.

FACT: You can't deal with inflammation, injuries, stuck emotion or other disorders if you don't feel safe. That is because it is likely that your body is in Flight, Fight or Freeze - states that don't allow for healing.

3) FACT: Bodies express rhythms and pulses, movements etc all the time - you are always moving whether you consciously 'feel' it or not.

Your body is always trying to balance you out and keep you safe. I am trained to feel those rhythms, pulses and expressions. I can then facilitate change where needed.

4) Your body is supremely intelligent - it knows how to heal itself - think of cutting your finger - it (usually) just heals. But it does need the right conditions in order to adjust and balance you. Craniosacral provides these conditions.




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