The Ingredients Explained:


Craniosacral Therapy is gentle touch mind-body recalibration because your feelings matter.

1) I work with your Autonomic Nervous System using gentle touch

FACT: Studies show that touch changes the physiology of the body.

2) The type of touch is very safe, negotiated & that it KEY to the work. If touch is safe, your body is able to express its health and areas that are not functioning optimally.

FACT: You can't deal with inflammation/injuries/emotion/disorders if you aren't feeling safe. Your body is then in Flight, Fight or Freeze & those states don't allow for healing.

3) FACT: Bodies express rhythms and pulses, movements etc all the time - you are always moving whether you consciously 'feel' it or not.

Your body is always trying to balance you out and keep you safe. I am trained to feel those rhythms and pulse and expressions & facilitate change where needed.

4) The body is supremely intelligent - it knows how to heal itself - think of cutting your finger - it (usually) just heals. But it does need the right conditions in order to adjust and balance you. Craniosacral provides these conditions.



Harnessing your thoughts so you are in charge of you.

I use proven techniques developed by a psychologist and scientists.  Using these skills, you will have "Your Best Year Ever" and can continue to utilise the skills you will learn for every year following.  

You have two choices for coaching with Anna:

  • 12 sessions, once a month over a year period - Anna will work with you to achieve your goals and follow your passions.  This is the comprehensive option, designed to deliver real, long-lasting results, following a plan developed by a psychologist.  
  • Top up session -  Maybe you just want to talk something out, or you have a particular issue you need help with - these sessions are for you. We can utilise Multiple Brain Integration coaching tools or emotional weight management techniques. This is a 1 hour, one on one.  You can also book a series of these.  

Anna is happy to have a one on one chat with you about where you are currently at in your life and where you want to be.  If it's a good fit to work together you can get started creating your best year ever with Anna.

Anna is also available to talk to groups, businesses and teams - contact Anna here


3: Nutrition/food

Most of us don't eat right or maybe you eat right but not all the time. It's hard to navigate all the food that's available. 

I have two ways to help you out - getting you to sort out your base nutrition and offering options for healthier choices at my online store.


I did some research regarding Recommended Daily Intake (RDI's) of vitamins and minerals.  To get our daily optimal levels of vitamins and minerals humans would need to eat far more food than we could reasonably consume. Nutritional supplementation can help you get your base nutrition right - ensuring you have the right amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids so at least you have the basics right!

1) ONLINE HEALTH SHOP - delivers all over New Zealand including rurally. Find out more at Rich  Nutrients

Rich Nutrients provides health snacks, ingredients, natural products for energy, wellness, paleo/gluten free living and natural beauty/home products.