Supported Backbend with Globe Artichoke

How to Do Anna's Favourite Supported Backbend

This is an amazing way to start or finish any yoga practice - or just because you feel like lying on the floor & stretching your back (that's pretty much why Anna does it). Anna purchased her beautiful bolster from the lovely Globe Artichoke - these items are bespoke and just gorgeous. Made to order specially for you.

It’s an immediate heart opener that allows the shoulders, chest, and abdomen to open and relax, while the head, neck, and back are fully supported. It also aids in creating space in the lower back region and eases compression.

To Use:

  • Place bolster vertically behind you, lining the short end directly with the low back.
  • Be sure to snug the bolster as close to the body as possible, then slowly lie back over it.
  • If the body is too tall, place a block or pillow at the end to support the head.
  • Keep length in the back of the neck by slightly tucking the chin.
  • Let arms drape out to the side, opening palms up to the sky, and relaxing shoulders down.
  • Legs can be straight out or in supta baddha konasana (as shown above).
  • Stay and relax for 3 – 5 minutes (or 10-15 if you're doing a headspace app meditation which is what Anna likes to do).

Thanks to for their great instructions and images x