Panic & how to re-frame that shit

Having a brainy moment as I was driving along this morning. Felt that overwhelming sense of panic about all the work I had to do - stomach tightened, fear rose up into my throat, tried to breathe & felt like I couldn't.


Then my mind just went PING. Like it was a one of "those" moments and now, I have sat down as I had to just write this immediately so ya'll didn't miss out.

WHAT IF - we used those panic feelings - which are fight or flight sensations - and used them as a source of energy! Energy to get shit done.

So here I am - using the power of those sensations to literally bang out this blog post. Rather than fearing the sensations and attaching all this negative meaning to them (which is super easy to do - hey I've been doing it (just like you probably have) for years) - I have literally thought "GREAT - so much energy to quickly pump this out and then get onto all the AWESOME stuff you are doing to improve your life & others".


How to do I do that you ask? 

Well, I think first of all i'm getting ever clearer by the day on why I do what I do and what I am out to achieve. My target is becoming clearer and I am aiming towards it. To get there, there is a lot of stuff I need to do. It's the "lots of stuff" that makes the feeling of panic come on - there just seems to be so much to do (& I know you all relate).

download (3).jpg

But instead of being caught up in all the meanings I have put on those feelings all these years - those negative connotations about it - I just simply chose. Chose not to engage in that and also recognise what ELSE those sensations feel like. They feel like gearing up to run a race. They feel like the excitement I get when I have things to share with other people and I am dying to tell them. So when you begin to really feel the sensations, name them and then realised that these are the same sensations you feel in situations you would otherwise name as positive, that is quite a unique moment.

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Just wanted to give you all the opportunity to do this too - recognise those sensations and re-frame it to yourself. This is the energy burst you need to get started on that list of things you want to do to make your life even more fantastic.

Get to it x