The Social Connection of Networking Groups


I belong to the Venus Business Women's Network and I love it. Not only to do I get to meet with a bunch of super talented ladies every two weeks, I am committed to meeting with at least one of these ladies every two weeks and also referring to one of them as well. 

Venus has really forced me to be strategic with how I network - I have had to make time to allow for developing relationships with people I haven't met before and who haven't met me. How can you recommend something if you don't know the person who is delivering the product or service? You can't and this is where networking comes in.

I have also had to learn how to describe the Craniosacral work I do so that others can understand it.


That has been very beneficial - my "elevator pitch". Or, as we call it at Venus, my "one minute promo". Mine has become slicker and more professional as I've gone on. 

1 min.jpg

Do you have a one minute promo - can you describe what you do in one minute or less? No jargon, in a way that people can relate to you? Or do you need to really refine that message?


The other thing I realised about networking groups was the power of the group - together, you can find like-minded women who are on your wavelength and band together. At Venus, we call this collaborative teams.

This can be formal, or in the case of my collaborative team - informal. In our case, we all work with babies - so let's get together and see how we can jointly promote each other whether it be an event or referrals - what can we do? This really forces the group to be creative and push the boundaries.

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Have you considered who you might partner with to think up new ideas? Who is working in an area like you? They are not your competition but your collaboration partners.

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The other thing that became very apparent following the Ancestral Health Symposium I attended recently was the importance of community.

My very good friend Best Me Community is always on about this concept. Why you ask? Well, in the Blue Zones (these are communities in the world that have the highest amount of centurions in the population) community is a really big deal.

By community, I mean eating together, having a support system, helping each other out. In today's world, meeting people can sometimes go to the wayside and we rely on Facebook or messaging to communicate. 

As a Craniosacral therapist, I am often the only person to even touch my clients that day. That's a whole day where someone hasn't even been touched by another person. Humans need other humans - we are pack animals and seek out comfort from others - our bodies thrive off other people (as long as we feel safe).

Networking groups are a fabulous way then to create a community - particularly if you have your own business and work alone. Or, you are new to a place and need to create that community where you don't have one. New friendships will blossom and you will begin to feel comfortable in no time within the group.

So now you know - networking groups are healthy for lots of reasons and I am super encouraging of those who wish to give it go.

The main points from today's article:

  • Be able to explain your business in 1 minute or less
  • See those in the same industry as you as collaborators not competition
  • Live longer through community benefits

If you want to find out more about my networking group -  get in touch. 

Yours in health & happiness always x