I promised a report back and here I am - literally glowing – someone commented on a tan that I don’t have so something must be going right today.  I can honestly say – I have more energy than ever before – it’s like a light has gone on.  I’m now training 2 times a day most days – mixing it up totally with different things going on.  I want to make sure I am constantly challenged, but not burnt out so I am incorporating “rest days” and active resting too.  It’s going well so far.

Also, in other awesome news, I was struggling with shitty skin around my chin and this seems to have calmed down too!  Honestly, I totally get how bad shitty skin can make you feel.... it's not vanity, it can actually have an effect on how you view yourself and shitty skin also feels really nasty (in a tactile way).  So I am glad to say things are more under control.

In terms of the supplements, I am taking the dosage as outlined in the last post – of USANA’s “Usanimals” (the kiddy vitamins and they taste gooood!), the Omega 3 Jnr (the kiddy fish oil that also tastes goooood!) and a Vitamin D booster – this is a tiny pill and one I can swallow even without water (YAY for tiny vitamin pills). I am also adding a smoothie a day into the mix (kale/spinach, coco water, USANA probiotics, USANA Fibrology, protein powder and mixed berries) so I can take the probiotic powder too. 

I am being super strict right now with taking my supplements.  The biggest thing that I have noticed is an increase in my mojo – and by this I mean my general “vibe” has gone right UP.  As a person who has used medication to keep on top of anxiety and battled with depression, this is a major thing.  Even on days where I don’t feel like doing much I am still getting on and doing it.  This is awesome. 

I noted in my first post that one of the things that annoyed me most about doing research on anxiety and depression was finding out there was a strong link to these conditions and vitamin deficiency.  YET, no one tested my vitamin levels.  No one even mentioned my vitamin levels.  And now, having done reading (and continuing to read) I have found out more and more about this – in particular the correlation to a lack of B vitamins and these conditions. 

I know that I am doing what I need to do to help my system get it’s get up and go back.  I’m eating well (that’s another thing I have recently got a tight leash on!), taking my supplements and exercising.  And thriving so far!  I am also making sure I have “time out” – SO important.  Maintaining my craniosacral study, getting regular craniosacral treatments, a massage each week and doing Headspace every day (mindfulness app that I love) are my time out things. 

If you are finding you’re struggling with life in general, I seriously recommend getting your vitamin levels tested – there are plenty of places that do it.  And if you want to try USANA, hit me up.  I’m finding it great, as is my Mum (she’s an interesting case study) and lots of other people I know. 

I’m also totally happy to talk about Craniosacral work with you, techniques I’ve used to try and battle the inner voice that tells you how crap you are and anything you want to chat about xx  

NEXT TIME: Mum doesn't know it yet, but she's getting interviewed about her experience. Go Mumma x And I am going to talk about some of the interesting things that can happen to your body when you start taking multi vitamins... ah the body, always doing interesting things!