Testing my vitamin levels... the process

So there I was, standing next to hubby, head upside down so he can access the back of my head, whilst he cuts my hair.  

Let me tell you, that was a stressful process!  I have fine, chemically dyed white blonde hair (with very dark roots as you will see in the picture) and I was terrified he was going to cut off too much.

You see - in order to do the Allergenics vitamin and mineral test you need to have at least 1/2 a teaspoon of hair.  That's hard to measure (in hair terms) and  didn't want to have send more hair if I didn't send enough the first time...  Here's hoping I got the estimate right.

As well as sending the hair (which is what they test), you also have to complete a short questionnaire - this asks about issues you might be experiencing (ie, digestive problems in my case) and what else is going on for you right now.  You also tell them if you currently take any vitamins and minerals.  

This is so they can get a "snap shot" in time of what you're all about in terms of vitamins and mineral levels.

At the time of this test, I wasn't taking anything so I'm hoping this gives me the best results I can possibly get about where my body and system is at right now.

And now we await the results.... How exciting!!!