Comestibles shemestibles...what am I even doing?!

So... as part of my new business I'm looking at different options to work in with Craniosacral Therapy and Coaching.  What else I wondered? And the Universe replied.... Comestibles (which are things you eat... in this case otherwise known as vitamins, minerals and nutritionals).

A friend of mine introduced me to USANA and I did some investigation.  USANA are a pharmaceutical grade supplementation & lifestyle company.  USANA manufactures vitamins, minerals and other products that can be used to enhance wellness.  Their quality seems to be second to none and I've done a bit of research to back that up (I'll show you in a later blog)

All of this piqued my interest as I have a strong interest in being able to ROAR as loudly as I can.

I have never been one to take vitamins but I know that we are not able to get enough vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the food we eat for optimal daily levels... so supplementation is the next best thing.  I will also go into what optimal is later on.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to sample USANA's Multivitamin, Antioxidant and will use their natural energy drink REV3 before going to the gym twice a week.  You are going to hear all about my USANA journey through this blog.

So what you're saying... how will she even know if this will make a difference?!

STEP ONE:  Testing my Vitamin Levels

I'm sending my hair off today to be tested for different levels of minerals and vitamins. Allergenics in Auckland is doing the testing.  This is so I can definitely tell you whether this makes any improvements or not ...

STEP TWO:  Blogging my days - mood/energy/activity

I will blog once a week (maybe twice) on daily mood/energy and activity levels.  This keeps me accountable and might show up some trends - let's wait and see.

STEP THREE: Re-test & final blog on this journey

I will send my hair off again in around 6 weeks and let you know the results through my final blog on this journey.


Like every good "scientist" (ha!) I have a hypothesis and some assumptions: 

  • My theory is, I have a pretty decent diet (except for one too many burgers a few too many wines and beers every now and again).  So I guess I'm a pretty standard New Zealander! 
  • I think I will have some vitamin and mineral levels that are lower than they should be (currently)
  •  I am actually going to back that USANA vitamins and minerals will make a difference firstly to those levels and secondly to how I feel... but we will see.

If USANA products enhance my wellbeing, they could help you enhance yours - and if I get a positive result, I will be able to help you select the vitamins and minerals you need AND get them shipped directly to you.  

Based on my research so far, I am super excited to embark on this journey... and let you see and hear about the results!  

xx A