COACHING and why I am stepping it up

Have just spent the weekend in Melbourne, Australia with the fabulous team from YB12.

YB12 is a company that I have affiliated with due to their absolutely AWESOME coaching materials and structure.   This was confirmed even further to me on the weekend at our YB12 International Conference.

YB12 promotes YOUR BEST YEAR EVER and I am able to deliver some phenomenal programmes to make you an individual have exactly that. I will also be actively promoting Total Focus - a workshop designed for groups and businesses which will decrease procrastination and result in more productivity.

Who doesn't want these things?

One of the vital things I learned over the weekend is to surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.  One of the ways to ensure you do succeed is to have a coach.  Having a coach is the difference between performing at 70/80% and getting that extra 30% out of yourself.  Who do you see using coaching - world class athletes, renowned entrepreneurs and highly successful individuals.  If you want excellence - then go get it - with help from your coach.

I have great coaches (yes, I am lucky I have more than one!) in my life and it's making a massive impact on me already.

I have things that I do each and every day now that are designed to help me achieve my life vision - that is to be well, have energy and be authentically myself.

Dream. Focus. Roar.  

xx Anna