I've pulled together some resources for the 3C's so that you can do your own research into these areas.  Have fun browsing some of my favourite places on the internet.


Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists - this is where I am registered.  This site contains some useful information about BCST in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific and also some information on the conditions BCST can assist. 

The Biodynamic Craniosacral Organisation of North America - further information on BCST

Frequently Asked Questions - this comes from the Biodynamic Craniosacral Organisation of North America. A helpful list of some of the most common questions and the answers. 



I am the facilitator of the Wellington East Venus Group.

Venus is a women's business networking group you can join and learn new skills whilst discovering other people's business whilst giving and receiving referrals.

My Venus Group is full of awesome women and I have listed them below with an idea of what they do. If you need someone for something, there is bound to be a Venus woman who can do the job - or we can find someone for you.

My group and their professions (including links to their websites are below):

Tiff Logan - Kilbirnie Dentists

Ishani Noble - Self Esteem NZ

Helen Millar - Accountant - email

Marilou le Grand - Real Estate - email

Laura King - Antithesis Design (Marketing Strategy)  

Jane Lewis - Lighting - email

Kaeli Bunt - Gentle PCs

Karen Delahunty - Interior Design

Karen Ryan - Mr Rental Wellington

Tracey Verrenkamp - Personal Insurance, Capital Advice

Joanne Wakem - Roofing 

Sherri- Lee Scholtz - Beauty Therapy

Claire Weggery - Property Management

Lee Sutherland - Hairdressing

Irene Wakefield - Prepair NZ (Charity)