Are you feeling overwhelmed? Got no direction? Not sure how to move on from your funk? Feeling like you’re struggling with “too much to do but never getting anything done” syndrome? Just feeling tired and lacking spark? Or maybe you know what you want (ie, weightloss, more energy, more money...) but you’re not sure what to do to get there?

You’re in the right place! Read on!
— Anna - Wellness Coach

It's  a really dark place when you truly feel like it takes every single ounce of strength you have to try and haul yourself out of bed. And then, one day, you just don't bother anymore. I spent days at a time in bed, no energy to interact with people and ended up on medication dealing with anxiety and pain. The medication helped me with the get-up and go to get out of bed but I had to find something else to deal with the pain. So began my search for alternative therapies and finding a way to cope. And here I am now, having found the things that have worked for me and wanting to offer them to others. 

I (Anna) never want you to feel like you are not able to cope, or are struggling.  This could be in any aspect of your life - through illness, pain or stress, through being overweight or a relationship breakup or grief.

Maybe it's because life feels out of control - you're not really sure where you are heading or are overwhelmed with all the things you need to do.

I created Roar Fierce because it is a combination of 'ingredients' designed to help you cope with life in the modern jungle. We all know what it it's like in today's world. I want to make your life easier.

I can help you:

  • reduce stress and inflammation (usually with pain reduction and improved ability to cope) through Craniosacral Therapy &/or high quality nutritionals
  • get more done in less time by teaching you to beat procrastination through Coaching. We change your mindset together (this can help with all areas of your life - strategising where you are going, who you really are & what you should be doing, weight loss)
  • feel more energetic and just better overall through my online nutrients store, nutritional supplementation & food programmes. If you eat right, you live right.

The Ingredients

Craniosacral Therapy: Gentle touch mind-body recalibration because your feelings matter.

Coaching: Harnessing your thinking so you're in control of you.

Nutrients: Curated products and knowledge to vitalise your life.

Taste Success: 12 Week Wellbeing/Weightloss Food Programme - get more energy, sleep better and gain hormonal balance through REAL wholefood programme. Recipes and meal plans provided.

Choose me because I've been there

I used these exact ingredients to manage my journey through depression and anxiety - becoming a healthier happier person in the process.

It is these ingredients I am serving for you to use in your journey - whether that is finding or regaining your purpose, overcoming pain or emotional issues - chat with me and see if these ingredients might assist. 

I am highly qualified with lots of practical experience.

These are my qualifications & training:

In a previous life I was a Lawyer, Senior Business Advisor and worked in a marketing start-up. I truly do get what it's like in the corporate and government environment. 

I also hold an L.L.B, B.A (Political Science & American Studies) from the University of Canterbury & a Post Graduate Certificate in Management from Victoria University, Wellington.

I also trained in Team Management Profiling and love working with teams to ensure they work together better.

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It's a jungle out there so you'd better be prepared! 


What's going on at Roar Fierce right now: