About Roar Fierce


Roar Fierce IS ANna. IT all started when SHE rewrote her story…

It's a story of being something you don't really want to be. And learning how to be who you really are. Anna calls this process learning to roar again.

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"And though she be but little... she is fierce." William Shakespeare.

I did everything in life that I was told I "should do".

I went to University, got two degrees, got a great job at a global accounting firm. I worked hard and played hard. I travelled overseas. I came back and got a job with the Government. I went back to University and did post-graduate study. I was living a normal corporate life. And that was fine. Until it wasn't.

I couldn't get out of bed as my neck and shoulder were burning in agony. Literally, fire up and down and into my head. Then, a throbbing, dull ache like ice had set into my bones. Every tiny, little movement excruciating... like needles poking into my nerves.

Something had to change I thought. I can't live like this. I'd lie in bed making up excuses not to go to work because of the pain.

I'd scan my body trying to conjure up magical illnesses - not realising I was already sick. 

Work itself seemed dull, lifeless, like ground-hog day. I used to panic - full on mind-blanking panic about whether I'd made a mistake or someone would tell me off for something. I'd cringe just thinking about going. A full body kind of cringe.

Little did I know at that point - that I actually WAS doing a full body cringe - body and mind all at once. 

At work, it got worse. I told my manager I f**king hated it. She suggested a careers counsellor. So I went. And it actually was awesome (thank you manager from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are).

This was a small glimmer of change.

I came away being clearer about my direction and knowing myself more. I changed roles and that was a start - working more with people, looking after them. I felt like I was on the right track.

But the physical pain continued. And then, one day, everything stopped.

A complete crash. 

Ending up with me in bed, covers over my head for days on end. A trip to the Doctor resulted in being prescribed medication.

In the line at the pharmacy, so devastated was I that I'd become , "one of those people", I burst into tears. The pharmacist asked if I was ok. I explained what I was thinking. 

"Oh don't worry," she said. "Everyone is on these".

This made my eyes bulge. WTF. The phrase "this isn't right" kept ringing in my head. Over and over. 

The glimmer of change began to spark.

I began to research 'stuff'. About anxiety, about depression, about bodies.

And the spark became a fire. I became a burning raging inferno. 

I began investigating "alternatives". I'd tried everything at this point - physio, scans, x rays, doctors.... no one could get to the bottom of my pains. I tried acupuncture, massage and stumbled upon Craniosacral Therapy.

Over time, my regime began to work - I felt more in charge, more able to respond to external situations in a controlled way, my stress reduced. And when my stress reduced - my whole body cringe - my pain - reduced. I stopped my medication and have never looked back. 

I never want anyone to have to go through the experience I went through - the darkest days, no light in the dark until I had to find my own. I did it the hard way. But I won't let you do the same.

I retrained - as a Coach (remembering my experience at the careers counsellor), as a Craniosacral Therapist (because this had been my lifeline in managing my body) and in nutrition (because that is what gave me my energy and mind back again).

Here I now stand - healthier and wiser.

A trained coach through NZ Life Coaching, working towards my International Coach Federation certification. A registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST) and Committee Member of the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists. A Precision Nutrition student.

I've come a long way from the person living a life that made her sick - a life that was what I was told I "should" do.

I get it - it's hard to not be a "should". But it can be done.

Get in touch with me & we will make it happen. I will help you Roar again.

Anna x

The session was interesting and enjoyable. Anna talked to me and told me what she was going to do so I was relaxed in no time. During the session I felt a great connection with her – so much good energy flowing in that room and my mind was quieter than usual. After the session, I had a lot more energy and felt very relaxed.
— M